The 3 L Foundation

Leading others to live an enriched, fulfilled life.
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It is our mission to implement and administer an infrastructure of basic social skills, courtesies and educational developments supporting young individuals to lead enriched fulfilled lives. Moreover, etiquette is the trademark of our society and, it is our desire to assist citizens in returning to the manners and civility in which our culture was established; allowing every individual to achieve their goals.


The 3 L Foundation provides an arrangement of guidelines that regulate acceptable behavior, social skills, and educational structure regarding the essentials of etiquette and societal expertise. Our foundation provide individuals with the confidence, assurance and motivation required to engage within a consistently changing environment. In addition, other integrated career services include college/ACT preparation, self-esteem and anger/time management necessary to competitively obtain the knowledge and professionalism required for success.

The 3 L Foundation

1545 Line Ave Suite 175B
Shreveport, La 71101